1. i’m so glad you get to go to the show! how fun!!

    as for acceptance…. for me i’m not sure what it is… i don’t think acceptance is surrender… i think that when we get up each day and go about our business, whatever that may be, we are not surrendering but continuing to live in what ever ways we are capable of doing so…

    i wrote about the road to acceptance… i think the reason i have not reached the acceptance that “they” say we should is because i’m not sure what acceptance is… i’m pissed, i’m not ok with this disease and i’m not going to roll over and give up….

    so is acceptance simply the act of acknowledging that i have MS? that my life is forever altered and will continue to be altered in more ways as time goes by? i don’t know…. i just know i’m pissed, i’m not ok, and i don’t like it one little bit….

    as for the grieving process that supposedly leads to acceptance… i don’t know that i buy that either…. the stages of grieving… logically it all sounds good… on paper it might look good… but i think it’s a bunch of bs gibberish written down to give us something to do…. some way to label all the crap…. lol

    • yeah I am not so sure about the stages of grieving thing either. I guess my difinition of acceptance is kind of the Jack Webb line from the old Dragnet ‘just the facts” in other words yeah I got MS and it sucks – until something changes in the research department not much to change that.

      F’ surrender. and the royal “they”? pft I just don’t think that acceptance and surrender go hand in hand. Now anger yeah I get that one!!

  2. Acceptance…is a dirty word for some people. For me it does not mean surrender, but rather the realization of a facts (I have chronic illnesses) and the truth (they aren’t going to go away). Once you accept the facts, you are free to get on with your life.

    If you don’t or can’t accept the way you are right now, I think you can get so caught up in the struggle against the reality, that you are no longer capable of living your life to it’s fullest.

    I don’t like being chronically ill, I don’t like the limitations, disabilities or symptoms that come with it, BUT, I have them. So, in my opinion, it is better to accept that – this is the way it is, and work towards living the best life I can within the confines that chronic illness brings.

    There you have it, my philosophy in a nutshell.

  3. To me, acceptance does not equal surrender. I think it’s important to accept your current reality and circumstances in order to be reality-based in how you live your life. Of course, you can accept the circumstances but still work for change.

    • that is my thought. Somehow sometimes I think my attitude of adjusting and accepting is mistaken for giving in or giving up. I do have stuff come up and have to work my way through it but not much I can do really other than adjust and deal.

  4. how was the show? after reading about it …. well, those that the story is about are some of our favorite artists! johnny cash…. boy he was something… those days in the music business were quite interesting… much different that it is nowadays…

    i love the movie “walk the line” … i know it’s not 100% factual but the story of these guys getting together and traveling and pushing their music is a fun one….

  5. Hi Jan,
    There’s an award waiting for you on my blog! If you don’t accept awards that’s no problem, I wanted to include you because I love reading your stuff, viewing your vids and looking at your photos!

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