1. Really, really missed you! Sorry about the problems with your database. Oh my, you’ve really had an exciting few months! Funny you mentioned the mobile surveillance. There was a big race in Phila., yesterday, and my son was in it. After Boston, there were all kinds of safety measures, and these units were one. They did all kinds of news stories about them. I felt less worried about my “little boy” after that. Hope you get back to posting again.

    • Muff,
      I am torn about the cameras everywhere. Areas where events are going on, shopping centers, and the like I think they add extra security. The one in front of the my home? Umm it really was strange knowing that everytime I stepped outside my home I was on candid camera. Each time a drove in or out of the complex my plate was registered.

      I started thinking how long before they use their little drone planes and infrared to snap me on the commode.

  2. Hu-mom is taking a break after all the database stress this morning. The Mobil Security thing was annoying in some ways. I mean if I had to go and used the tree I was on camera! How embarrassing is that? I guess I could get a record of how many times by peeps drove away without me.

    • Catfish, I have already told you that they swear they pixel out the backyard. The tree is big it blocked the camera.

    • Karen,
      Ha ha maybe I will come up with a new one. No promises as I have not been good about keeping up on the blogging.

  3. Donna

    Ack. So sorry about the gang / utility-thieving craziness. I can’t imagine the stress that creates day in and out. Glad you’re getting away doing your PE. Are you going to get to any of the refuges for some bird pics? Or will the back keep you from that?

    Ok, I haven’t backed up anything, photos and all for a long time. Must do so! And, am getting deep into some genealogy stuff and will start doing some scanning. So need to get a plan. Sorry about your experience today. And, you of all people are so careful. Gack.

    Jake was being so good about staying close in the condo tree and a neighbor’s garden — ok with her as he doesn’t deposit anything. But today he strayed farther from the new abode and couldn’t be found in the usual places. I finally got him inside after walking my legs wonky. Apparently, I didn’t close the front door all the way. They’re french doors that swing out. So, he must have nudged it hard and got out again as when I walked by an hour later, it was open and he was gone! I went outside again and wandered a bit more into the field next door. Getting dark. Saw what I thought was a cat peeing on the power substation fence. No, it’s a fox. So, I start going fast over there and ended up following him through trees by the substation fence. He trots across the condo lawn casually marking each tree. Jake’s gone for hours. Now I drive the neighborhood. I come home and sit on the front porch, resigned. Finally in the dark the big but clawless bugger shows up acting both guilty and cocky from him escapade. Safe. My legs are rocks. So much for feeling so great and less tight after this morning’s acupuncture session. Darn *#@&( cat!

    • Donna,

      How unnerving to not be able to find the Jakester! I imagine finding a way to keep the doors from pushing out is on you mind. To keep Jake in and the fox out. what a relief that he finally (you hear me Jake!) decided to come home. Cats sure have mind of their own.

      Between the stress and all that hunting for him you must be exhausted. Hope you are less rock legged today.

      My back is still giving me problems. Ever since it happened my legs and back have been doing the muscle cramping thing so I have not gone out to the refuge. My stupid ear is all gunked up . … when did we sign up for this? If nothing else the cops monitoring the cameras must have got a few giggles.

      You could always threaten Jake with cat surveillance Cat Tracker

  4. Hey there! Long time gone, missy. Sorry about your troubles, computer and otherwise. Glad you’re sticking with the adaptive PT, but sorry about your back. That’s gotta hurt. I would say write more often, but who am I to talk???

    • Webster,

      Ha ha ha . .. you can talk all you want. Between the back, ear, and stress I just kind of retreated into my own little world. Pick and choose where the energy goes. Besides my brain was on stupid.

  5. Thanks for catching us up, Jan. You know how I worry…

    You do live in an interesting neighborhood; never a dull moment. Having a major technology Fail just seems like piling on, doesn’t it?

    Scritches to Catfish and Annie. I have to go run a backup.

    • that is an understatement – this neighborhood is an study in err augh . … We are just trying to hang in there long enough to escape this crazy place alive 🙁

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