1. Hot, ya..it sucks. Been in the high 90’s low 100’s here for a week or more, with HIGH humidity. Freaky, because I live in Canada. We are on “time of use” for electricity, which means they jack the price for hydro during the day, so we can’t afford to run the AC either. Take care, and try to stay cool!

    • Oh I so feel for you. When temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure hit levels that are abnormal for the area you live in it can really be hard. Way out of the comfort zone!

      We expect to be in the 105-110’s for 5 more days this with 7 hours a day over 100 and low in the 70 s at night.

      Thank goodness we just have seasonal rate hikes not hourly.

  2. Donna

    Well, ding-dang you can tell that I’m on top of things. Just checked my RSS reader. I’m so sorry Jan. We had one kinda hot day for the island with humidity and I was back to the fan and ice packs. I can’t imagine that heat AND humid.

    I have to bite my tongue on mildly hot days around here as everyone is ecstatic about it. Personally, I’d prefer that it not go over 65 but I dare not say it out loud.

    Hang in there.

    • Today was the first day in over a week that the temps hit under 100’s. Seven days of 105+ days. 110 yesterday. yeah it is over for a while.

      I like sub 70 temps myself.

      More laters in the saga of life . …

  3. Triple digit temperatures and high humidity…gak. I hope by now things have moderated somewhat. You’ve reminded me not complain about the weather up here in the Pacific Northwest!

    Stay cool…

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