1. Welcome back to the land of blog. Congrats on all of the family events, and I am jealous only of your seeing the Blue Man Group!

    • Blue Man Group wee hee my friend a season ticket holder takes me to shows that her mom decides (usually at the last minuet) not to attend. So, having such a busy social life (ha ha) I am an obvious fill in companion. We attended opening night – totally cool!

  2. Glad to see you back — you were missed. The shows sound great, and it’s wonderful you were able to attend. I’m not sure who the babies are, but they’re cuties. Hope you’re able to post again soon!

    • Muff, not sure if I am “back” as in my scrambled mind I never really was gone :). Just not in the posting mood I guess but I still read everyone else s blogs. Cooper is Brandon’s son (my fishing buddy). Emerson June is KRP’s nephews daughter. Not that you know these folks. But they all are darn cute!

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