The Blog is broken LOL

I have been going buts trying to figure out why o why the  blog is broken, photos don’t show even when they are on the server. new uploads don’t show either  AUGH!!!

Last resort is to just reinstall wordpress and hope the database backup works 🙁  I thought with all the crazy social network problems  blogging might be fun again?

If you type a post and nobody reads it  did you really write it?


Where Were You?

pin 9-11 remberance

Most of us remember the Alan Jackson song – hence the title.

Where were you?  I was driving down the freeway  almost to work when the first reports of an  airplane hitting the World Trade Center hit the local radio. By the time I arrived at work it was clear that yes the unbelievable – a commercial plane had crashed into one of the towers.  Then the second plane hit.

I was now opening the garage of the second tallest building in Sacramento.  One of the tenants was Trade and Commerce.  To make a very long story short the Parking Facility Manager, the Janitorial shift lead person, and a couple security guards were the only people remaining in the building.  I sure hope they have better plans in place now because back then the plan sucked.  If you were high enough up the food chain you either arrived and argued with us explaining how important you were trying to bully your way into locked down building without proper ID or you stayed away afraid the aircraft that were reported missing and headed to Calif  were going to hit the building.

I remember watching the Towers fall on a TV we borrowed from the Pawn shop next door.  Over and Over again.  As my pal the janitor awaited news about his cousins that worked in the buildings hoping that they somehow survived.

Today in remembrance: