Compass Spinning

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Silly me, I got bored. My blog list folks are not posting. Television news tends to no longer presents unbiased reporting. I started back to reading and researching via the net. Yikes!
The perspective: Micro V the Macro, the small V the big, or Local V Global depending on how you want to define it.
Personal: Numerous physical annoyances atop of MS. I was half way through finishing a game (Assassins Creed Blackflag) when a power surge and fail scrambled my save game and all was lost. I might have to save up and buy a power backup for my game consoles.
Local: Two vehicles speed through our complex shooting hard plastic pellets randomly.
City: Demolition starts on the downtown plaza to make room for the new arena.
State: fires are burning. The DayFire, two miles N of the community of Day (Modoc Co.) is 7,000 acres and 5% contained.
Country: The U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are bringing infected Ebola patients back to the USA.
Global: Middle East, Eurasia, Africa, and South America. …
I find myself really looking inward. Reevaluating – my beliefs and moral compass. This New World is annoying in many ways. Multiple sclerosis and age are the in my face you cannot do that anymore items. Frustration.
Our townhouse is in an association that if the thugs in the area do not stop stealing, vandalizing, and stop their anti civilized behavior campaigns we are toast. The religious interpretations going on globally are getting insane. I am still stuck on why the f would we bring a most dangerous virus onto our continent. Two people V 533,215,000 (est. pop of North American Continent). I have spent most of my time on earth as a middle of the road type. Neither total left or right politically taking each issue and deciding not based on political party affiliation but on its own merits.
My compass needle is spinning, spinning, and spinning.
Oh yeah it is 2p.m. and 104 F/40 C


World Real Time

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time: 70's globeI watch the news, translate tweets, crazy, there is really only one common factor amongst the main players of war and strife right now – many generally dislike us if not hate. I do not wish to share my opinions on the political or religious conflicts going on right now. Maybe just convey the sadness or confusion. I do not know. I am conflicted.
The technological advances have created a new frontier. Social media plays out the details of war and conflict in real time. No immediate censorship – that is, if it gets out into the cyber space it remains. Sure, television stations, print news, and governments can delete them, fire those responsible, but if a tweet, a message board comment, or video hits the new frontier it will always be part of the record.
There are things I typed long ago using an old IBM 286 with a dial up internet connection posted on a PRODIGY board that I can still find. In the new cyber space frontier, what you type/share never disappears. Some of the opinions I held in the 80?s conflict with those I hold now.
Social networks and video sites have also created a great place for propaganda. It takes much investigation to weed through the bull. On the positive side, language translators exist in the new frontier. The happenings around the world in real time. Like any good debate it is easy to find the pro and con postilions of any situation. Then again there is a need to weed through the propaganda and untruths. As History plays out some choose to avoid, some censor, some just go for it and risk seeing or hearing the not so cleaned up, sanitized versions of what is going on around the world.
If I keep this crazy obsession with watching, listening, translating, in an attempt to understand the not so understandable I might end up learning a few new languages.
I bit of info if you choose to watch the following no guts nor blood shown video.

I also embedded it so I could turn off the related videos that can show up at the end as, well they might be disturbing to some. If you wish to watch it larger just use the full screen icon in the lower right. If you open the tube itself no such guarantee.
Slavyansk/Slavyansk, is a city in eastern Ukraine (located within the province of Donetsk) that was a stronghold of pro-Russian militants. Ukraine’s army won the battle for 100,000-strong Slavyansk a few weeks ago.
The song “The Town I Loved So Well” was written by songwriter Phil Coulter about his home town of Derry and the way it was devastated by the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
The Dubliners was an Irish folk band that disbanded in 2012.
Once again I wish to make clear I am not promoting a side here. Everyone has a hometown.

Heat and Smoke

It has been hot – On Sunday the temperature hit 105 and then 106 degrees on Monday, short of the record set in 1972 of 113. Today is expected to stay in the upper 91?s oh goody! I stay in my one room upstairs that has the extra portable a/c unit. Our main central unit was set at 80 and never shut off and never got the condo lower than 83 deg’s. Since it recirculates the hot air upstairs the downstairs never really gets cool. Two story places with crap insulation suck.
It is really smoky outside right now due to a grass fire near the wildlife refuge. The news and fire headlines were all about how it was near the correctional center – and it is – umm I worried about the refuge birds and critters that use the brush out that way. I figure the two legged ones will be shuttled to safety if need be. The small airport nearby was closed for a bit too. I guess I am getting very cynical now days when it comes to the bi pedal variety around here. Living in close proximity to the ignorant ghetto trash might be the reason. Seriously, it amazes me how many people think that someone, anyone but them, owes them something. If they can not earned it they just take it or destroy it.
The local wildlife and rescue center might close if enough donations are not received to help fund it. I do not have much money but I am thinking of sending them some? Decisions, decisions, I hope some corporation or financially well off persons step up. I don’t do pay pal so I will have to mail a check.
Well that is it for now it is starting to warm up up here and I need to shut down the computer.

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