My Contribution to the Julie Amero Mess

The blind eye to the truth in the Julie Amero case is the failure to grasp that this woman was computer illiterate. Silly as this may sound to some there really are people out in the non-cyberspace world that have no clue to workings of computers or what to do when things run amuck.


Haven’t any of you clicked an ad for something innocuous and been taken to a site that loads porn like the energizer bunny? I will admit to having done this. I have even accidentally hit the allow radio button instead of the disallow button in my firewall warning box causing a major infection of my system. 

We make mistakes.  

An interesting point that has been overlooked by most bloggers is the fact the innocent children in the room probably knew how to turn the computer off.  In the late 70’s I was in a group of High School students in a special advanced college program. We immediately figured out a small program that would put the main frame into a do loop while keeping all the previously fed punch cards ( opps dating myself here) inside the reader until the long loop was completed. The purpose of this program? Simple, we placed the stack in the middle of some pissy adult’s card pile and then sat back and laughed our butts off as the befuddled jerks would panic. 

Should she be sent to prison for this – wake up and think this through – the next victim of this type of a witch hunt could be you.

 We all make mistakes.

 Suppport Julie Amero


Ones and Zero’s Can Be Irritating

It is just one of those days. Where you sneeze and do not get your mouth covered in time because you’re typing so all the disgusting spray goes on the monitor screen – that type of day.

Logging into my ISP service is starting to get annoying too. When I first log in I go to my account and check a box that enables me to change to my different email identities without having to type the whole darn username at in each and every time along with the proper passwords. The ISP I use has this little box to notify me that I can use a picture to help improve the log in verification process and stop identity theft. I do not want to use the silly picture and have ignored this message for more than a month. Now the little message box is setup so when I try and enter my user info it is almost impossible without clicking the stupid box and being whisked away to the site to set it up! Five try’s later I finally get my mouse to click in the log in box without hitting the other box and am allowed to enter the info. I know I could stop all this if I stopped deleting all my cookies each time I close my browser – but I hate tracking cookies – even if they originate from my ISP.

Next all the forwarded emails from members of the group I mentioned in the last post fill my mailbox. LOL none are addressed to me – just forwarded emails between the other members engaged in their pissing contest. No one has explained bcc to them apparently. I must admit that a couple of them really pulled me out of my log in funk. Grown professional adults slinging insults in some ways can get very amusing. I should feel bad about deriving cheep entertainment from them but I can not when I am occupied laughing so hard. I know, I know, it is not funny – yeah right.


I  check my news reader for updates on any of my watched blogs. Then I log in at Flickr and find many of the groups I belong to have messages from someone warning everyone about some other group etc. and yep – it is another group of spammers and players fighting in the playground and stirring up sand. I log off.


I move onto this blog deleting all the new spam that the spam guard has caught in the last few days and type this out.
I think I will log off the computer now and play around with my camera, read a book, watch some television, or maybe I will just zone out in the playground of my mind.

Committee Dictator

I have been involved with a group for a few years. The usual committee, Chairperson, Secretary etc. – all volunteers. Talk about a pain! A new person took over the chairmanship a while back and the tension has been growing. I stopped going to the meetings because of this particular person rubbed me the wrong way – past my point of forcing myself to try and let their blatant need for power and control slide. My mind could not even keep up with the silly meeting stuff partly because of my limitations but mostly because there was just way to much crapola coming out of this person mouth!

Next thing you know I get an email from one of the founders of this volunteer group that raises money for the groups cause – not political – just something like building playgrounds, or parks, or theaters – that type of group to give you an idea –

First many of us who stopped attending the regular meetings but were guaranteed by the  new “leader” that we would be kept in the loop and informed of all upcoming events, changes, votes …. via emails . Were dropped from the person email list suddenly and unannounced. We in turn had promissed to help on our favorite major fund raising event. Next thing ya know there was an email forwarded to those of us out of this persons new loop (by someone still in the loop) of major changes to the groups mission, name, and sponsored functions. Ok I guess that is what you get when you miss a few meetings. The emails that were fowarded to us contained some statements from this new “leader” sent out to a select few such as: I have decided we will not meet to discuss this . .. I have decided to change the name of the biggest and well known fundraiser of this group to some long stupid almost kinky sounding name and while I am at it I have moved it’s date to four months later.

So, all the sponsors and donators are confused – I mean Hello??? When does a Chairperson of an public (tied to the county) group get to cancel scheduled meetings to vote on the changes they just made adn then make official changes that affect printed materials? Many people have worked long and laborious hours to get donors and sponsors and now – poof this person decides – who cares – I am changing the name, the date, and sending apology letters to the vendors – oh and yeah – opps if half the members who have been there since the beginning of the group are no longer emailed of any notice of any of this – tuff doodles!!

Well I responded in what I thought was a rather polite but, well, maybe I used one rude word – “dictatorial” , manner to her. I cc’d every person whose email I had! LOL The school yard fight is afoot. It was nice to find out that I was not the only person ostracized by this one person and not the only member upset by their blatant disregard for procedures.

Well, committee dictator I doubt you will ever see this because your type is to wrapped up in yourself to ever read a blog, but if you do – hope you all have fun doing it all yourself – this girl is going to donate her hours to some other cause.

Off to the Highways

Off to visit friends in Marysville, Yuba City, and Olivehurst. I know, I hear the hiss ooooh Olivehurst LOL. Leaving late in the afternoon and not sure when I shall return.

Did you know that in 1842, John A. Sutter leased the land that later became the City of Marysville to Theodore Cordua and Cordua built a home and trading post at what is now the southern end of ‘D’ street in Marysville. Or that Yuba City, the “Prune Capitol” is located in Sutter County (same aforementioned Sutter) was the home of the Maidu?

What many knowr about the area in present times is tarnished by the local media droning on and on about the area’s high crime and poverty rates, youth gangs, and illegal drug activiteis. Being designated as the “worst city to live in America” by Forbes and Forutune Magazines in the 1980’s and 1990’s has not helped either. Let us not forget Juan Corona burying his victims the 25 California farm workers on the Sullivan Ranch.

Looking foward to viewing the Sutter Buttes and hope to see some wildlife (other than that in Olivehurst!).

So, however you landed here, whatever you were looking for, please take a moment and say hello – leave your mark here in the electronic mass we call the blogosphere.

If you did not find anything worth marking . … tell me why it is so boring.