Noise can promote anger/ Constant noise. Stereo banging through the walls, cursing and swearing and talking real loud under windows and people banging doors. It all adds up.

I do not care what you smoked, where you went, who you screwed.  I do not like your choice of music.  I have heard way too much and know more than I ever wanted to know about your social lives. It would also be wonderful if you figured out that bbq grills should be cleaned – that way the smoke that rises up would not smell so bad –  man how do you eat that crap? My smoke detectors work – your smoke provides our weekly check for us. Your baby might stop crying if the radio was turned down and your voices were a bit more pleasant.

The police department would come and tell you to shut the fuck up if I was willing to chance the revenge I know would come from you. Remember? I hear you, I know what you do.

If you tell my dogs to shut up as you tease them through the fence one more time . … I SO HATE YOU!

GigaByte Blues

This is going to sound like I am a spoiled brat – sort of – I am not – well maybe I am LOL. Either way, a few of us went out roaming to take some pics. Our little groups tiny version of photo walking for lack of a better description. Part way through the deal I had filled two 1GB SD cards. The first half were shot RAW when I realized that I was really getting carried away with taking way too many pictures I switched over to jpeg fine. On the way out of the hills we came across some deer. I deleted some shots and took a few more. I realize that some get by with one 1GB card or less and I admit that it has been a long time since I have filled two cards that fast – so what to do – what to do? But of course! duh go buy some more memory. So, now I have two new 2GB SD cards plus one a snitched from my OptioWP and replaced with a 512.

So, why the blues, what cha complaining about. Yawn – I never realized how long it took to transfer that many pics to my hard drive! I know – stop your complaining and wait LOL

The great thing about our little group is our diversity in abilities and innate talent. One of us is super great at finding potential shots, the other is good at finding the right perspective, and the other as a great eye for textures and patterns. It all works great together until we get hungry and tired. But really we all are new to this and help each other it is great!