Worm Overload

Now I admit that I have been known to fork out lots of money on fishing gear – really I have. I have 10 good rods and reels and a selection ugly sticks and misc tackle that have accumulated over the years – I just can not throw out anything that just might help catch a fish. But, I only own two good poles especially purchased for my plunge into bass fishing. I am suppose to be older and wiser now – read: I know that I do not need zillions of something to catch a fish.

Along comes “the kid” and with him numerous trips to every fishing establishment within 100 miles. The kid collects bass gear. Worms, tubes, craws, lizards, spider grubs and creepy crawlers of all descriptions. Worms, soft jerkbaits, stick worms, soft jigs and trailers and creature baits., different lengths, colors, and crankbaits, spinnerbaits and top water . … to many combinations and variations for my poor mind to imagine let remember. The thing is this is prime time bonding material. We each pick out a pack of something or other ( well more like 3-5 packs) each place we go, convincing ourselves that we just might need that color or shape and then we split them 50/50. We head home divvy up the new acquisitions, discuss where we might just use each one, reorganize or tackle/worm boxes, and then we start the negotiations. I will trade you one of these for two of those and so it goes. When all the swapping is done I usually end up with some of the stuff I traded off the night before.

So far this summer we have fished for bass at Lake Shasta. Taken a ocean fishing trip at Fort Bragg, fished off the pier in Pacifica, and have two trips lined up for Lake Camanche with two different friends of ours that own boats. Not to forget the trips to the by-pass for catfish and stops along the river for strippers. Oh yeah, and we are going back to Pacifica because we met some nice fisherman there and he and his family invited us back LOL.

My little collection of worms, grubs and spinner’s that fit into one small plastic box has now grow into eight large worm boxes packed to the max with some very weird looking plastics while my heart is full from the joy of sharing “the kid’s” enthusiastic love of bass fishing with him.

I am still hanging in there with my two bass rigs though . …

Life is Good

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We all headed for Pacifica today to check out the peer fishing.  Made some new friends, learned some new tricks, and caught a crab or two. The pelican’s and seagulls faired better than us in the fish department.

Our Little Photo Group that Grew

Oh my! The photography group that we started has reached 59 members since it’s beginning in the end of May. Our learning curves must accelerate before we crash and burn LOL. Really though, we have it all under control, learning as we go. The first DUH factor we came across was – never allow mass emailing across the board to be available to your members. In our defense we did not even know they could access this feature until – until the great June email debacle LOL. We located and turned this not so wonderful feature off.

I finished the notice for our next meet up and have it posted now. We already have 15 members who have RSVP’d yes in the few days that it has been up. The logistics of managing all the silly things that come up as the membership grows technically as well as socially has been interesting.

What started out as few people wanting to shoot together has turned into a very fun and exciting group. We never dreamed it would get the response it has and with each successful activity bringing new members. Our last meet up at the Empire State Mine State Park brought 17 members out to shoot. It looks like the next meet will have an even larger turnout.


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