Is Anyone Home at Zooomr?

I am not mad – yet. But, I am a bit irritated. I have used flickr photo sharing for a long time. With thousands of instant pro account members ( I am one) it is amazing that they can keep up with it all. Post a question in a group and you will receive answers. But as I have changed while riding my learning curve in photography – so have my interests. I no longer find it a thrill to get an award on a photo from some nice person who liked it but a dilemma. Should I do the polite thing and go to the award site where more than than likely I will be required to comment on a set number of others photos? Or, should I just thank the person for their comment and comment on one of their photos?

I signed up on the Zooomr site awhile back and have watched as Christopher and Thomas have taken it further than many naysayers thought they could. I like it when people succeed. I thought about it last night and decided that I would get a pro account at Zooomr and use their site more. They have some great features now and more promised in the future that I like.

Now here is the part where I blew it apparently, when I first signed up on Zooomr I did so using the OpenId method. I immediately wished I had not. Typing out http…name openid com etc and a password takes more time than just using a user name and password. Since at the moment there is no way to change the openid login to a user name type I just dealt with it. The next thing is that I have avoided using paypal believe it or not up until last night. I bit the bullet and used their service to pay for a pro account at Zooomr.

Everything went well until I went to log on to Zooomr. The PayPal worked, the open id worked, but the one thing I actually liked in this whole deal – Zooomr did not! I can not login to Zooomr anymore. Here is what I get: Uh-Oh, verification has failed. Please try again – and There was a failure in talking with your OpenID Provider. Ok, I can login to my openid account and it shows that it is authorizing zooomr emmmm …….. I am doing same thing I have done in the past with different results.

If you do a search on zooomr ( and I did) for kmilyun under people you will find two kmilyun’s one that is pro and one that is not. The first shows a message that I have not updated? and the second, the pro account has my pictures there.

I finally created another account just to be able to request help on the zooomr help board – so far not a single answer – I know come on kmilyun it has only been a bit over eight hours since you created another account and asked for help! I sent an email to the listed email support addy to.

So, since I have nothing better to do I am watching and waiting to see how long it will take before I have an answer and better yet a solution. If anyone sees this I would be happy with my nickname kmilyun and a password by passing the whole openid id thing. I would be really, really, happy if I could use the pro service I paid for ( albeit not much) the same way I used the free account.

Is anyone home at zooomr? I sure hope so.


  1. I have a similar OpenID problem and I know it’s being worked on. I’d suggest the Zipline rather than the groups — Zooomr groups are not as helpful because the Zipline tends to be “always on” with someone who can help.

    Kristopher is working from Japan now, so late at night California time is a great way to get a response on the Zipline…give it a shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, one other thing. Be sure you have added Kristopher and Thomas as contacts before tossing it up on the Zipline so they’ll see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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