Ready, set, Hide

Sometimes you just have to wonder – the “what the heck were they thinking” type stuff. Then there is the “what the heck are they up too” type stuff. Not to be confused with “ugh?”.

I am not answering anymore emails today – period.

Some are circular conversations, some are honest questions, and others are, well, I am not sure.

I would share them here but unfortunately this blog apparently is read by those you wish did not know it existed and not the one you wish did. Never happy am I? LOL

I am thinking changing my email and only telling those I want to emmm ….. it might be time to stop the complaining and go for it? Trouble is the one I wish to stop is my main addy that I have had for years. I wonder if I just ignored all incoming mail other than renewal notices etc., only allowed certain peeps through the filters and send the rest back addressee has moved to new diggs and if you were not on the uhaul you were left in the trash can would work?

I was smart enough to use a gmail email addy for the photography group – my box is now at over 3,000 messages and still counting. Most are just notices – someone joined – someone posted a message – and so on. Others are how do you do this or this is not working. Others leave me wondering how I should respond if at all?

If anyone tells you that managing a group is a no brain’r – well then their brains are obviously far more advanced than mine.
Kmilyun needs to hide πŸ˜‰