1. Secondary PROGRESSIVE? Pardon my French, but FIND A WAY TO GET YOUR ASS ON THAT BOAT AND FISH UNTIL YOU ARE SICK OF IT! Get stinky in the lake. Take detailed photographs of your navel, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Tomorrow it may not be just the heat keeping you down.

    • kmilyun

      Yes, I so want to get out and go bass fishing. I can not launch the boat by myself (not a good idea anyways). KRP can not either and is working a lot lately. It amazes me how hard it is to find someone that is willing to launch it in trade for a fishing trip is.

      Our friend in Anderson that we go bass fishing with at Shasta now has different days off work than KRP. I am thinking I might just go get the boat and haul it up there. After that it is an easy deal as she will launch, retrieve, etc. and she always knows where the bass are hitting. 🙂

      The hot to print news is that the Brandon kiddo came in second in he Jr. Bassmaster Nevada Qualifier last weekend!

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