Catching up

And the Darkness ComesI apparently am not the only person who has had my nose stuck in a book or two lately. Webster read 13 books the past two months and gives her book reviews here. Nice.  Although, I have missed her witty posts – you know the pithy ones LOL.

I have been keeping busy planting and tending my garden. The Lemon Cucumbers are gonna take over the yard. My peppers, eggplant, tomato’s, and sage are hanging in there also. The flowers are looking spiffy and Catfish and Annie are enjoying the smells.

The painting is going – slow but I am getting it done and the room I am in now is finished save the hanging of the pictures etc.

I am going nuts trying to figure out how to get the comments button/selector a bit more noticeable but so far I have not found the right css code UGH this theme has way to many css files LOL  I might just end up making the little bubble icons brighter but first I have to decide on a color scheme and new header.

Catfish is snoozing at my feet. He really likes the new carpet – I am thinking it is because the only doggy smells on it are his. Annie stays out of the room for some reason. One room to go and then I am calling the carpet folks to do the stairway and landings. Our friend hooked us up with a guy who does work all the time for their company so we are getting a deal.

The illegal fireworks are flying all over the place outside, lots of loud booms and bangs, loud music full of bass, and some hooping and hollering too – such is life around here.

No underwear found in the garden bed as of late and no new flooding. The Code Enforcement folks have a couple cases on the books for the place next door. I heard the slum lord arguing with the City Code person  – cheap entertainment because his usual lines of crap did not work. We have been running a very large fan most of the week and leaving the downstairs windows open to help (hopefully) dry the common wall out. Hope the city follows up as the told me they were going to dry the place out next door – umm we shall see.

Well, off the read and hopefully fall fast asleep.