1. i love those pictures!i think the field of yellow flowers is my favorite… the field of focus is great! and the horizon being placed in the upper portion really makes your eyes walk through the field… fabulous!

    sorry you didn’t make it your destination… i am so incredibly impressed though that you are riding the trails though… inspiring!

    • thank you Sherri
      I was playing with the circle of confusion and trying for a good line for the eye to follow and was hoping for more bokeh but the blur works. The field was so big that I tried a couple of different ideas to capture it. I did not post my failure ideas LOL

      Not riding the trail I was walking (no bikes allowed on trail). Most of the great trails are covered in snow still or so darn muddy that I would be sucked up and never seen again. I hope I can save enough $ to purchase some off road tires for my bike right now I only have the city pavement treads.

      I have been working since the videos in hopes I will be able to ride a trail – getting there.


      • ahh i guess i assumed you were on the bike…. you will get there! you seem to have the determination and drive …. off road tires would be a must i’d think… the only bike riding i’ve ever done is on a beach cruiser up and down the street ha! i loved riding my bike but didn’t have much time to do it, always telling myself that i was going to get on it each evening after work… but something always came up.. and now… the bike sits… i look at it often…i regret i never followed through… as with many things… such is life

        when i was doing photography i would take hundreds of shots, hundreds! especially at weddings and such…. head shots in the studio too… loved that old power winder! and of course the failures were never seen ha! i did like playing with the failures in the darkroom though… cropping, dodging, burning… making collages… sometimes i could actually come up with something interesting…

        now i’m trying to learn the digital side… not having much luck at it though… i miss my darkroom!!

          • Thank you Coach! I actually do take lots of pics at weddings Christenings, etc because I suck at people pics and it is an important day for my friends so I take no chances LOL
            Outdoors example this trip I took about 30 pics not counting all the shoot and hollar out the car window as KRP was driving.

            Digital is different for sure. I am not a post processor. If it comes out then it comes out. I do resize for the net, crop and once in awhile adjust the brightness. When I really need or want to improve a shot I use the dodge and burn. I never really spent a lot of time with film other than your typical vacation type photographer.

            Shoot in the RAW LOL that sounds well . …

            • ha! love the shoot in the raw thing…

              i love post processing… i have to find time to practice digital junk… in between tangles and other projects….

              maybe it’s just time to think about disability so that i can do all these other fun things!!!

              • Hope you really don’t have the misconception that having to be on disability = more time for fun things ?

                I am impressed with the Zentangles wow you are getting really good at them! You are finding your artistic flair LOL I can not do them no matter how I try – very sad looking attempts hee hee on my part.

              • oh heaven’s no! i have no misconceptions about being disabled… i do what i can to make light of it because i know it’s coming eventually and the only way i know how to cope is through humor… i dread the day that i am not able to work… but because i HAVE to work now i look forward to the day that i don’t have to… and i can think of all sorts of things i would love to do at home to entertain myself that are much more to my liking than HAVING to get up at 5AM …bleh!

              • Yikes our thread here was to long so had to jump back up a bit.
                I figured that you meant that but just checking LOL
                I do not miss the get up and fight the traffic here and deal with all the yuk yuks of a job 🙂 I do miss having somewhere to go everyday and the social interactions. That is why I do the PE class – it gives me somewhere to go and exercise does help me.

  2. Yes Jan you gotta watch out for that sun! He has a way of nipping us in the rear. But your pics are lovely. I like the yellow flowers too, for the same reasons that Sherri does, and because the blurry edges look like what my ON looks like. LOL Spotty and blurry.

    • Webster!
      Funny you should mention the ON because I lined the shot up with my blurry ON wonky eye first – the eye I have used to peep through the view finder, binoculars, and telescopes all my life. Switching then over to my non dominant eye and focusing cause I can see LOL
      Wonky eyes.

      I wish I saw as much as in the photo in focus with my ON wonky eye! Mine is backward I have no focus in the middle but the edges are normal. so yours is opposite of mine? Blurry outside? Interesting . …

      and yes, the sun – I had forgotten how fast it heats up the world.


  3. Gorgeous photos!! You really have such a talent! I laughed about all the MS hits — Mississippi, Microsoft, and the big one! Added to that, I have the initials of my real name (I really wasn’t baptized Muff) and the fact that I used to evaluate schools for the Middle States commission, those initials get a good deal of use for me.

    • Muff! To funny Middle States (MS) now I am wonder on your real name. I was Janet – pronounced by my brother as Jan-IT it it . … augh. also the mom screech.

      Thank you for the comment about the photos. Glad you enjoy them.


  4. In addition to the field of yellow flowers, the clouds in the sky of the top right pic rather grabbed me. I could feel the drifty open feeling of the place. Glad you had your outing — bugger though that you had to shorten it. Hard to do, eh?

    A few folks arrive at my blog after searching for literal shoe arrangement devices or shoe store arranging. Hmm, imagine that’s a bit of a w*t*f moment.

    As always, beautiful pictures.

    • We then could use shoe arranging devices to construct a wooden ship or something do navigate the Mississippi river? It is funny no? What is kind of fun too is that sometimes they actually read some other pages.

      Yeah having to turn back soon into what used to be a easy walk because it turned into a major hike – more like a shuffle along, sit, shuffle along, sit affair on the way back – not so nice to realize how hard it had become.

  5. Jan, how do you know that. I mean what People are intending To search for? Thanks for The shout out! Maybe my numbers Will climb now. It is ironic though that I happened To sit during my morning Walk and read this post. Im on a rest stop. Francis,my walker, and I are due back To headquarters! Nicole

    • Nicole WP plugins that provide this info. Also free trackers like Sitemeter etc just figure out which one works best for you. Plugins offer more options than sitemeter. Just search the WP repositiory and go from there.

      Numbers are a funny thing if you spend too much time watching them you can go nutso. I find them interesting and fun to watch but stopped worring about rankings etc .

      Just so you know if you did not – hit counters do not count peeps reading from a newsreader. Each service like blogger, googe reader feedburner etc. keep there own stats. I joke about it a lot here that I only have three or five readers . …

      Best way to improve your numbers is to a number on someone elses site 🙂

      I am at my friends house now and the 2 year old wore me out so here I am hiding – err I like that “rest stop”!

    • Just that visiting and commenting on other blogs is a good way to get people to stop by yours and check it out. Never know who you may connect with!

  6. I love this thought, MS is what? I guess it is why, some without it, do get confused….Thanks for reminding me

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