1. So Jan? Did that parking security officer who took down your license number have you hauled in? You’re going to classes now; doing the back stroke, the crawl, the butterfly, and you get home all whomped out so you cant post anymore?

    Okay, okay. I should talk. I post, what? maybe twice a month? But that’s me. Well, this is just to know I’m still reading – when there’s something to read.

    Glad to hear that doggies are doing well. That’s good news.

    • Augh – the little wanna be cop has not been seen around campus as of late 😉 I think he was not good material for the job? One of them showed up in front of our PE class where we park (with a special permit) and started to write tickets. Our teacher went round and round with him stating it was the first day of class and we could not have the permits until we were assigned them on the first day of class. He could not grasp that no one would have a permit until after the first class. LOl She ended up having to get the head of security out to solve the problem.

      No back strokes here haha I can manage with a snorkel and not turning my head -lhermitte’s and cervical degeneration and all.

      I read when there are post also. I dont know why but lately I have not been in the blogging mood. Oh well 😉

      • Be careful with your neck! Somehow I find it comical that you’re taking a swimming class with a snorkel, but whatever works!!

        Blog more when you feel like it. I just like to hear what everyone else is doing. I’m not going anywhere.

  2. Hi Jan *waving*
    Good to see a post. I thought you were going to another blogger buddy that had disappeared from the face of the earth.

    I heard some weird stuff about tracking internet usage here in Canada. Rumour has it that they are going to charge more money to be connected. Canada already has one the highest internet connection rates in the world. Gee, I can’t even afford high speed so I can Skype! It’s a world for the rich alright.

    Glad the pups are good. Take care!

    • Access to the internet is a big deal. It already is becoming a has V has not’s market. Trending shows that the mobile access will be the next major playground and it is looking bad for the open web. Then again those of us in the lower financial grid may benefit when all the have’s migrate toward mobile leaving us poorer demographic folks with old school access – and we know how to that!

      I have read rumors about requiring an verified internet ID card to access the net – someones bright idea on control under the guise of making the net safer.

      Pups say Hiya and are waving their paws back at ya

  3. wait… First post from tablet? New tablet? New toy? Is fun? I’m so glad I can’t use those things anymore, because I would really want one. So play with it for me, will ya?

    Regards to Catfish and Annie, and thanks for checking in. You know how I worry… 🙂

    • Shhh I used some money my dad gave me plus a loan from my friend Mikey to purchase it. I love that I can use the google voice make posts and it solves the can not sit at the desk long periods of time problem.

      The best part is playing Angry Birds ha ha ha.

      On an informative note I have conversed a few times with a nice young man with MS who does graphic art (NASCAR) on G+ using a headband mouse thing. It is amazing what he can do.

      The link to his about page on his site – warning music starts playing so turn down the speakers if need privacy :


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