Just Hanging

DSC_0568_convthought I had better type something here lest you all think I crawled into a hole and croaked.

A summation of the last few weeks:

met with our city council representative, the head of the South Sac police command,  and a district director . …

the stolen  u hau l truck that was involved in a high speed chase, stopped by spike strips, well the woman arrested and the u hau l were next door most of the month.

lots of loud music, yelling, fights etc. just what you think you would hear and find in the ghetto.

The heat is doing what the heat does to many of us so I have been spending a lot of time reading and game playing

Someone was trying to break into our wireless connection so rather that continue to fend of the invaders constant attempts I just turned it the freak off.

Oh so lovely dealing with the heat and ex felons and gangsters . ….

We are thinking of just throwing in the towel and heading to a bankruptcy type lawyer and seeing what we can do. The only way we can get the heck outta here will force this . …

ta ta for now