The Other Blog Woe is the Word

My other blog has been working A one OK – until tonight that is LOL ๐Ÿ™

Go figure? I have read all the help posts around the net. Here is the deal. When I log on it just goes right back to the logon screen ugh!! I have checked the database all references to the blog location are correct. The files are all in order. So??? what the … I am glad it is a new blog with only a few posts and no comments! I think the easy way around this is to delete the dang thing and start over. It is just the point of it all. Why is it doing this and what if it happens again?

All suggestions welcome.

Pearl Harbor – USS California (BB-44)

The USS California was hit in early in the attack on Pearl Harbor. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY — NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER

When the attack was over, 98 of her crew were dead and 61 wounded. The USS California settled on the bottom in the mud with just the superstructure showing. On March 26, 1942 the USS CALIFORNIA was refloated and dry docked at Pearl Harbor for repairs. On June 7 she departed under her own power for the Puget Sound Navy yard where a major reconstruction job was finished. She went on to serve. Damaged and repaired again. Placed in commission in Philadelphia August 7, 1946 and then out of commission in reserve February 14, 1947; and sold 10 July 1959. She was scrapped later that same year.

There are many photos around the net but I liked this one the best. The USS California in 1936 going under the not completed yet Golden Gate Bridge. In 1941 many lives were changed or lost. Our country changed. The world changed. The USS California BB-44 served the Navy well. Life goes on. The Golden Gate Bridge still stands. The victims of Pearl Harbor are remembered.

Horse trainer and Now Dr. Eric Keroack

Oh my. Title X. Abortion. This guy is bad news ladies!
Please type in his name and do a google search! Search the news!
This is bad ..

George W. Bush has two years to tangle the mess and knot up the world.

While your at it just in case you miss it QuiverFull rhetoric

The distortions, interpretations, and ughauwf. … and just what did Jesus say?

Gone to the Games

No, I did not waste my time in some long, cold, and often violent line for a PS3. Nope. This poor kmilyun has to plug along with an older Xbox, no 360, no ps3, no no no . … oh boo hoo.

I can remember when Pong was a hit. Everyone who was anybody in school just had to have one. That of course was the childs view point then – not the parents. Now the parents seem to have a need, not the need for speed, but the need for their child to be the first on the block with a very expensive game. Just think, I used to get excited when the new books we ordered came in. I could not wait to get home and read them! But I remember school before calculators and know how to use a slide ruler. If the power ever stops flowing through the lines – I will drag it out and be a genius once more. I will dazzle the crowd with my magic ruler LOL. Back to the games. I am losing over and over again playing a PC demo Call of Duty 3. Shooting the bad guys is a pain in the fingers without a joystick. My old joystick was top of the line years ago. Now it sits in a box in the closet dusty. My Xbox provide winter entertainment that requires no great effort. It unfortunately is hooked up to the bigscreen HDTV downstairs. I just do not understand why this is annoying. Why watch TV anyway – there is not much worth watching anyway. If Santa reads this I want an Xbox 360 and a PS3 for Christmas. Just so my younger relatives will be jealous. I suppose I would settle for a copy of a Xbox game.

I have been reading the Inheritance Trilogy. Now there is an Xbox game and a movie comming out based on the books. The reviews on many of the gameing sites seem to rate it as rather boring – just right for me :). The movie might be cute. Dragons have been a favorite of mine. Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels, the Dragon Riders of Pern, and the Harper Hall Trilogy started it. Any game no matter how lame it may be is a good game if it has dragons in it.