1. What a grey day. You did manage to get some good shots. Wow the moon is fantastic. If you can stay up late tonight, there is a total lunar eclipse, that you can photograph. Go on over to my blog to see the times it will be viewable.

    • I keep going outside and looking hopefully at the sky. So far lots of clouds and I can just see the lighted area behind them as it comes up. Still have fingers crossed that it might shine through.

  2. Jan, your weather looks positively Pacific Northwest dreary. I believe your good deeds for the feral feline added karma bucks to your account.

    I’d love to see your photos of the lunar eclipse tonight/tomorrow am. Dad and I were looking at some of your photos on Flickr today, specifically the flowers and birds. Two of his favorite things to photograph. He’s jealous of your camera equipment.

    • I spint some time finding a couple of spots where I can photograph it. I suspect the weather is going to put a damper on it 🙁
      Never know though the moon just might shine through. Then we shall see if I can photograph across the street without getting zonked on the head LOL because I can only get the first part the deepest shadow is 17 past midnight and I have to move farther out to get a clear line on it.

      As for the equiptment there is never enough LOL what does your dad shot with?

      • Yeah, the clouds here in Colorado blocked it. I wandered around the backyard in the early a.m. anyway as I was up. Was it covered over there too?

        Dad says he shoots with a Canon Elan and a 28-80mm, 70-300mm and 50mm macro lenses.

        • I did get some photos it was a challenge as the misty clouds allowed me to see the moon but getting past the mist and catching the moon was a problem for me.

          Most are kind of grainy or soft looking because of the clouds. But YEAH I got to have some fun.

          Your dad has a nice setup my favorite walk around lens are 50mm prime and 18-200. Film would drive me nuts cause I want my pictures NOW. A
          If I am thinking correct the Elans are film?

          Canon V Nikon – I bought Nikon because my buddy has many nice lens and he let me borrow them until I could get my own collection started.

          • About the Elan – hold on to your socks – he shoots, err, umm, slides. My brother-in-law is going to help him convert his slide collection to digital.

            I’ve been working with Dad about the wonders of creating folders, moving files between folders, etc. Will try uploading soon. It’s a ride.

            • this I do understand! Last Christmas I got my father a slide coverter put the slides in – its scans- it asks you to save – simple no?
              He finally has mastered the scanning, fixing them so they look good, and saving to his hard drive – hopefully still going to the right folders.
              Now burn to CD? Orgainize? that is on the list for this Christmas day.
              I already had to fix his comuter of few times as he somehow had 3 virus programs running and never ever had cleared his browser cache.
              I have real fears for my Christmas day computer moments. Dad sits next to me and writes every and I mean everything into his notebook. 52 years old thinking melds with 82 year old thinking . …

    • LOL Webster – I imagine if the water rises high enough. It is the Sacramento River. We have a reprive right now. Much needed I think between all the damn releases and the rain + our not so sound levee system . … IMHO they waited too long to release the reservoir water.

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